MAKOBO is a collaborative Platform with the Mission to provide and foster services aimed at promoting the social well-being of disadvantaged groups, through individual and corporate accountability actions that, carried out in a continuous, effective, planned and sustained manner, contribute for the social, cultural and economic development of the country.

Ubuntu - I am because we are

Inspired by those who struggled and others who, every day, continue to struggle relentlessly, to have “enough to survive”. In a humble way, I came across this idea that my will is not enough to win, to move forward and go further alone, without the will, courage, dream and determination of other people who, like me , believe that together we can create effective alternatives to promote and provide better living conditions for others in poverty and social exclusion.

The Makobo Platform is a seed I planted in 2009, not as a charity project, but as a bridge between social extremes in Mozambique. A project of solidarity, of sharing ideas. An invitation to action, to sensitize people to act, to get involved in this project of a world of equal opportunities for all – The Collaborative Platform.

Joining efforts voluntarily and collaboratively, people who care about themselves and others and, above all, who want to propagate this seed of love, instilling and regenerating ideals and values, wanting to leave a different world for those to come. Leave a better world than we found it.

I want to thank all the people (individuals or institutions they represent) for the support they have given to this idea and their initiatives. 

Special thanks to my family, my friends, partners, teachers, mentors, all the people who supported and continue to support all my crazy ideas from the beginning, and when necessary, pulled and pulled my ears when I was and I'm out of focus, out of sight and out of reason.
To ALL of you who make me a much better human being every day…No Words | All words. Thanks for believing me.



Provide and foster services aimed at the self-sufficiency of disadvantaged groups, through maximizing the skills of individuals, providing them with skills for their livelihood and contributing to the economic, social and cultural development of their community and the Country.


To be the preferred platform for the sustainable development and management of effective support to disadvantaged groups, within the scope of the implementation of individual actions and institutional Social Responsibility Policies.


i. Individual Centered Actions

Creation, first, of conditions to respond to the individual's basic human needs and, only then, to provide them with tools so that they are able to learn and demand more and better for themselves and theirs, whether at the level of rights, duties and obligations of himself, as an individual and citizen, as well as of the State.

ii. Sustainable Resource Management

Economic Sustainability – creating conditions so that one's family's support effort is not concentrated on the individual, thus diversifying the sources of income for families, so that they can achieve and sustain the desired quality of life



Environmental Sustainability – looking to the future, learning from the past and improving the present: Reducing, Recycling and Reusing natural resources to be used by future generations, looking for environmentally sustainable alternatives and promoting environmental awareness

iii. Social Equity

Promote equal opportunities and social inclusion of the less favored layers; achieving the sustainability of the individual, family or community must not and cannot result in harm to other individuals, families and communities.


The Person Behind the Project

On the 30 of July 2020, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, as Head of the Commonwealth, recognized Ruy M. Santos, representing Mozambique, as the 150th “Point of Light” of the Commonwealth in recognition of the outstanding work of the MAKOBO Platform.