More than 20,000 people live in Camp 25 de Junho in situations of vulnerability, extreme poverty, economic and social exclusion.

The handicraft items, woven straw basketry, of the WIWANA brand are made by 100 displaced people turned artisans. They are men and women from 12 villages in Bilibiza, Quissanga District, Cabo Delgado, who became internally displaced by violence from their communities of origin.

This first collection of added-valued fashion accessories and home decor items (bags, rugs, runners and table tops) MAKOBO and its partners, will market them in the local and international markets for the sustainability of the project and its scale-up in order to include more people and increase employment and business opportunities for IDPs and host communities.

The WIWANANA Project is the first of several initiatives we are carrying out with IDPs in Cabo Delgado.

Currently, MAKOBO is aiming to implement the following projects:

⭐ Production of a clothing collection;

⭐ Eco-Pemba – collection, reuse and recycling of plastic through beach cleaning campaigns and the CHANGE OF PLASTIC FOR FOOD SUPPORT initiative;

⭐ Production of handcrafted paper (recycled from vegetable fiber);

⭐ Food production;