The site MAKOBO – Plataforma Solidária informs in advance to all readers that we will be collecting basic information about our visitors based on the search they executed while online on one of our site pages.


The information collected will not in any type of way invade the privacy of our readers.
The information is collected in order to keep track of the audience on our pages.  Because we are sure that Google Analytics will make use of that information to notify us of which type of content is fully appreciated by our visitors.

This tool will so be able to inform us about the age of the visitors and from where they’re reading our articles.  The additional information that our visitors will have to share is their email account.
The email account is only required when the visitors feel like sharing their ideas and thoughts through the comment section.  It is required that the reader logs in by an email account to avoid spamming comments that will distract and annoy both visitors and the content creators.  However, we will not be asking our visitors for information such as bank account, codes, or email addresses, unless they reach out to us for business.

The information on this blog must not be copied without previous notification to the content creators.
Howsoever, if one of the readers happens to see one of our articles being exhibited on any other page, please notify us through contact form.


Policy in the use of cookies

Our blog is currently using cookies as a way to improve our visitors’ experience while scrolling through our pages. Cookies allow visitors from our site to enjoy a safer user experience while on the web.  However, on every page that may possess cookies, the visitors will be previously notified.
It is important to remember that you have the choice to stable or unable cookies on your search console tool.


Advertising policy

Currently, the site is not establishing any type of partnership with advertisers.  However, when advertising partners choose to use cookies, the visitors will be notified.  To display advertisements, users must first set up and configure the cookies on their browsers.

Possible changes in Privacy policy will revise and in some cases update the privacy policy of the site. This change will eventually be influenced by future advertising partners, and the change of privacy policy of tools and software’s used in this site. However, the subscribers will be previously notified via email.

Engagement in the privacy policy

In the moment you open a page in this site it means that you agree with our privacy policy.  In the first seconds, a little tab will pop up asking you if you accept the cookies used on this site. In case visitors do not approve of our policy, we recommend them to not use our blog.



All readers can contact us Yong the contact form. We also have available an email account for readers to reach out to us.  Note the email .